10, 000 Hz Legend (lambnesiac) wrote in yetihunters,
10, 000 Hz Legend

A new friend, a new destination...

Growing weary...

By and large, the men and women of Casica will not meet my gaze any longer. In the past week--month? Year?--I've traveled all over Lima, but to no avail. In my limited Portuguese, I've inquired as to the whereabouts of my great white whale: the yeti. Grande-Pé...

I found a village, Vedonero. The people there live in a very primitive fashion, homes made of dirt and rock. There, they do not meet my request with blank expressions, but with grimaces and silent screams. One man, Seu Paulo, has asked to join my expedition. His face is youthful, but his posture, his wrinkled skin, his dull green eyes, tell of his years. I accepted.

He tells me that the yeti has been here, but that he is gone. He knows not English, but he has a fair grasp of Spanish, as do I. We spoke for hours in hushed voices over a fire last night, and considered where we would go next. I am hesitant to leave, but my desire to find the monster steels me, and I am propelled forward.
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