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The Basahaun Legend. Could it be related to the Snow Man?

The Basajaun Legend. Could it be related to the Snow Man?

Two weeks ago I visited the Bask Country and I had a chance to discuss with the local people and collect information about the cryptozoological phenomenons of this region.

People told me that there is a legend about the terrible, terrible creature which lives in some mountain regions of this country.

The name of this creature is basahaun! It is extremely powerful! Creature is anthropomorphic, about 2.5-3 metres tall, looks like a geant ape, it is covered completely by long hairs. Interestingly, it often has a read beard and some parts of the body are red-colored.

This description reminds about the stories of the Snow Man, which I have heard when I was a chilled. According the legend, Snow Man lives in Kabarda and Abhazia and other whild regions of the Northern Caucasus.

What if Basahaun is on the last relict from the big prehistoric European population of anthropomorphic creatures?
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