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Giant Monster in Phillipines!

Giant Monster in Phillipines!

Giant Monstrous Reptile was discovered by 2 students in the northern Philippines! And this published in Science magazine and you can trust it completely! Unbelievable story! This animal is closely related to dragons, scientists call it Varanus bitatawa.

Local native tribes are actively hunting this (ex-?)cryptozoological creature because of the absolutely astonishing test of its meat.

For 10 years, field researchers in the rainforests of the northern Philippines saw trunks raked by powerful claws and heard local tribes' accounts of the "bitatawa," a lizard whose meat was tastier than that of the well-documented Gray's monitor lizard (Varanus olivaceus). But it wasn't until the summer of 2009, when a pair of graduate students wheedled an adult specimen from hunters.

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