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Sorry I've been so slack in posting lately, everyone. The satellite connection is a little shaky, up here in the Great Canadian North, and we've had a bit of a blizzard, so people have been mostly holed up in their huts.

I've had some trouble with getting food for myself, as you might imagine by my ice-fishing tales, but I think the chief of this tribe is taking a shining to me. He's provided me with some fish in times of emergency like this, and he always seems amused by my foreign ways. The other Eskimo have seen more fit to shun me, and I can tell they don't like how he favors me, but I think he sees something of value in me, and for once I feel a little appreciated. I haven't had someone believe in me like that...not since Marco...

But with his occasional companionship and some time inside his hut, I've been surprised to find my mind drifting from the pursuit of the Yeti altogether. He and his daughter have really been extremely welcoming. I try to be as helpful as I can - boning fish, as best as I can, and so on - and I think they appreciate the thought, even if I'm not always successful.

His daughter, actually, has been especially kind to me. She's...she's very attractive. Sometimes, when she looks at me, I think...I think she'd like me to know what's under those thickly layered furs.

But that's crazy. An awkward foreigner like me?

Needless to say, though, my mind is on her quite a bit.
More soon.
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