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Long day

September 24 - I'm still stationed up in the Great Canadian North, but since Marco's death I've been pretty stationary for a while. I know the Yeti's out there, but I guess he's not really going anywhere. I'm at a settlement in North Inukshuk, and the natives are pretty used to me being around, now.

Today I spent a while watching some TV, but the reception's not really great, up here. I always feel like the natives don't really like me that much; they just kind of look at me sternly when I'm wandering around. I'm worried that I might have said something offensive when I last talked to the chief's daughter - my grasp on their language is minimal, and she seemed a little put out when I suggested we go icehole fishing sometime. I'm not really great at icehole fishing, though, so I guess I can see why she wouldn't be too thrilled at the thought. I tried a little more today, but it just got boring. Is anything even alive down there? These withered old geezers from the town seem to sit there all day and all night - I never walk past and not see them in just the same damn spots. I never see a live fish, and yet they've always gotten a few by the time they go in! I haven't caught anything yet, but, I guess I'll work on it.

So I had some bread and melted snow for dinner, and I'm just in bed with the computer, now. I might try fashioning some anti-Yeti weapons tomorrow, if I feel like it. I got this awesome song, Fu Manchu's "Grendel, Snowman", and it's about the Yeti, I think, and it's gotten me pretty pumped. Maybe I'll get hunting again soon.
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