10, 000 Hz Legend (lambnesiac) wrote in yetihunters,
10, 000 Hz Legend

Smelling just like lumber...

My journey is progressing smoothly. Yesterday, Seu Paulo and I spent several hours preparing for our trip before retiring to our camp. We meant only to eat a small meal and go to sleep; actually, we spoke in whispers through the night, our voices barely audible over the crackling of the fire.

Some hours into our conversation, Paulo asked me why I am fascinated with the yeti. I started on the elegance and mystery of the creature, but he raised a hand. "Tell me why. Why do you chase this beast, senhor?" My mind racing, I looked to the stars for an answer, and they remained curiously silent.

I told him, "Maybe...maybe I just need to." Seu Paulo gazed off; I could not tell whether the spark in his eye was from the fire. Eventually, he said, in perfect Spanish, "Senhor... you are very lonely." He paused again and said "Maybe--maybe you are chasing not the yeti, but yourself."

We sat for while as the fire dimmed, and I fell asleep.
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