colonel_froggie (colonel_froggie) wrote in yetihunters,

New here.

Hey, fellow Yeti hunters!

I'm so glad to see that finally some kind of organized community has sprung up for us folk. It's easy to feel alone in a job like this.

As much as I do feel we should stick together, I think it's always had to be a lonely sort of job, though. Yetieers (as we call them up here in Canada) are so few and far between, and the unspeakable violence that this job can wreak in your learn not to make close friends.

Up until recently I had a partner, Marco. He and I trekked through the barren North Wilderness together for years, carefully mapping out areas of potential Yeti habitat. We felt we were closing in, and Marco, thinking he was hot on the trail, went into the Frozen North Canada Woods one fateful night as we camped out at the border. When I awoke and saw he was gone, I dashed into the icy woods, and found him dead, gutted -- and caught a glimpse of the yeti's back, dashing away into the night. It moved like nothing I've ever seen before.

Ever since then, I haven't known whether I'd photograph the Yeti, or kill it, if I saw it. But I know more than ever that it is my mission to find this creature.

Just a reminder, Yetifolk - it's not always fun and games, to track the Yeti.
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